Crazy MBA

Get crazy smart. Fast.

01 - Don't waste your money.
(We hate debt as much as you do.)

SCREW HARVARD. Spend $100k or more to learn how to
pitch Oprah if you meet her in an elevator someday? (Get real!)

DON'T TRUST THE BROS. You know what we mean.
Don't drop $20k+ on the "courses" that
won't make you a dime
(and buys them a lambo).

Invest a buck.
Do the work.
Make bank.


02 - Don't waste your time.
(We don't want to work with assholes either.)

You only have so many heartbeats, so let's get some real results 
(before you bite the biscuit).


Lifetime membership to the exclusive MillionX Club
Lifetime access to private network of elite professionals
Access to secret vault full of latest tips, tricks & hacks
Frequent access to AMA calls and/or other special offers
BONUS: Armchair Strategist and Thought Leader vault with
100+ exclusive interviews, discussions, and much more


03 - Don't waste your life.
(Would kid-you be proud of where you are today?)

You need more than a template, a guidebook, or a roadmap.
We know the way - let us guide you?
Throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks will only result in a messy wall.
(It's best to avoid that.)
We'll give you the guitar, we'll write out the notes.
All you have to do is play.
(Metaphorically speaking.)


04 - A million-to-one return.
(A different kind of education.)

We will give you our best ideas, our best strategies, our top-shelf systems.
(The ones we charge C-suites $1/4 million for.)
But you have to do the work.

So we're doing something CRAZY.
Invest a dollar in yourself,
and we will give you what you need
to build an $80k/month business.
(Forget 10-x'ing your investment. 
This is 1million-x'ing!)


05 - How it works.

Producer: “So, Randy and Kent, how exactly does this work?”
Randy: “Like a two-peckered Pomeranian in a puppy playground … ”
Dr. Kent (and literally everyone else): “Wait, what? …”
Randy: “Crazy MBA! It’s like a …”
Dr. Kent (and every respectable human): “Wait, wait … we get it. Don’t finish that sentence!” 

No, but seriously, this time. How it works: 

Just follow these steps:



Pay your buck and get immediate access to the select MillionX Club. 

In this select club you have lifetime free access to:

  • A community of like-minded elite professionals and entrepreneurs(it is up to you to connect and network with the smartest guys in town)
  • Hundreds of exclusive interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs alive today (some great names in here!)
  • A secret vault with all the information you need to build a million-dollar business. Some of these products are free and will always be free, some require additional investment – but far less than what non-members of the Club have paid in the past (as much as 90% off  just for being a member of MillionX Club!).
  • Exclusive early access to new products and kits (all proven, tested and validated – and then added to the secret vault regularly)


Decide whether you wish to upgrade your membership to PREMIER. This subscription-based upgrade can be done at any time and costs just $69 per month (with automated payments). This includes MOST of our paid programs.*


Commit to becoming one of our ELITE

For a limited time, Elite members pay $249 per month (with automated payment via credit card) and gain access to all products now and in the future at zero cost. That’s right. EVERY current and future program will be accessible to you (as long as your subscription remains current and in good standing).*


Invite your friends to join Crazy MBA through our referral program and get the following rewards (once they have also signed up):

  • Invite 2 friends: receive $5 in credits towards any CrazyMBA journey
  • Invite 10 friends: receive $25 in credits towards any CrazyMBA journey
  • Invite 25 friends: receive $100 in credits towards any CrazyMBA journey

OK – so who are we and why should you trust us?

We are the professor and the geek.
The magician and the moneymaker.
The branding savant and the business strategist.

With decades of experience we have seen and done it all ...


Taken a business to Wall Street and a $6 billion valuation? 
Published 100s of books through award-winning publishing house?
Built multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses?
Provided clients 25x ROI?

Isn’t it time you joined the rush to success, instead of standing on the sidelines wishing something would change?

Here is the best opportunity you may ever have …

... and it will only cost you a buck to get started.
(Pardon the emoji joke.)


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