Crazy MBA

Get crazy smart. Fast.

🎨 One life.

There's only so much time in one lifetime. So what do you want to accomplish within yours?

The Crazy MBA educators and guides (we like to call them professors and geeks) have PhDs, Master's degrees, Bachelor's degrees, and they have worked in C-suites and made billions of dollars for their companies and clients. But all of them have learned life by living it. They have all learned business by experiencing it. By attempting, succeeding, failing, loving, and never stopping. 

If you're ready to learn the tricks that you can't find on YouTube, c'mon in. If you're ready to paint on a bigger canvas, play a bigger game, and make a bigger splash, join us. We'll tell you everything we know, and we'll add more every day. No secrets here.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

🕊️ Open education.

Here at CrazyMBA, we started where it matters most. We listened to our students and potential students. They want the best knowledge, they want it quickly, and they want open access.

Our close partner is COT Education, a non-profit organization that had its roots in the early Internet (a generation ago) with a disruptive new website promoting "open textbooks" for college students (saving them thousands of dollars). Now the #OpenEd movement has spread globally, and this organization believes that CrazyMBA is part of the crucial future of open education. 

One core tenet of the work at this California 501(c)(3), which originally was supported by a grant from the Hewlett Corporation, is "democratizing thought leadership" and working on continuing education. This was near to our hearts, because we want to shorten the path to success for our students (regardless of age or other factors). 

Here's to the next generation of open education! 

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ― W.B. Yeats

🏦 Tuition-free.

Tuition-free means that, like YouTube, Google, or Wikipedia, our goal is to make education open, and therefore, we don't charge you at the gate. We believe there is a place for higher education; in fact, our team is made up of all kinds of folks, from those with no degrees at all to people with horn-rimmed glasses and leather patches on their elbows (and lots of fancy certificates). 

Our mission is to provide quality educational materials that lead to action, results, and outcomes. Our students? Everyone from 3 years old to 133. Find your own path through our success-based toolkits, and find your own tribe. 

Without tuition. Without costly entrance fees. Without ridiculous assessments and hurdles. 

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese Proverb

🚀 Learn fast.

One thing that too few educators and institutions talk about is the value of time. Do you really need 10,000 hours to get "expert" at something? 

Open access is the first step to helping the next generation of experts and leaders. But it's only one step. The most important next step is to shorten the curve to "expert". Isn't that what a great mentor does? (Show you a few shortcuts.) 

Here at Crazy MBA, we want to make things short and sweet. Like one of our thought leaders, Dr. Kent, says about learning piano, "There are the black keys; play only them. Now play only the white keys. Then mix the two. Now you can improvise on the piano. It only took 30 seconds to learn..." Our goal is to shorten the curve towards helping you excel and succeed. 

Champions keep playing until they get it right.” ― Billie Jean King

💥 Make an impact.

We are all privileged. We have the Internet. We have food and shelter. Maslow's Hierarchy and all that... 

So how do you make a bigger impact? Well, you use your time, money, power, resources, intelligence, craziness, or something else ... for good.

It's about time you made a bigger splash. Be crazy. Be passionate. Change the world around you. 

It's about time.

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” ― Robin Williams

💨 Pardon the dust!

Please pardon the dust! We are in public beta right now, so to speak. That means, you might well find some bits that aren't in the right place, or you might step on a metaphorical wall tack here or there. If you see something, tell us! Here's our email for such things: [email protected] 

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